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M.E.L.B.A. Advocatuur is the Amsterdam law office of Mauritius Wijffels, a Dutch lawyer with 30+ years of international experience in:

  • corporate and commercial law, corporate governance, cross border transactions including M&A

  • human rights, also in relation to business law and good governance

  • alternative dispute resolution: conciliator, mediator, arbitrator in commercial & human rights conflicts

  • tailored business consultancy: as a separate activity, supporting entrepreneurs in their international strategies

  • teaching: legal and business Dutch to the non-native Dutch speaking legal and business community
    Over the years, Mauritius has built up a profound cultural, business and linguistic understanding of Brazil, the North Africa & Middle East region and Western & Eastern Europe. He developed excellent networks in all these locations and is pleased to use them for the benefit of his clients.

    In 2015, Mauritius was appointed by Royal Decree as 1 of 4 preferred Dutch conciliators at ICSID, the international centre for the settlement of cross-border investment disputes at the World Bank in Washington DC. He considers this appointment an exceptional honour and an important encouragement to continue his contribution to cross-border settlements in both commercial and human rights settings.

    Besides his native Dutch, Mauritius is fluent in English, French and Portuguese and has a good working level in Arabic, German and Italian.

    Mauritius has registered arbitration as his primary field of law with the Netherlands Bar Association.

    For an initial, free-of-charge talk: please get in touch through mauritius@melba-legal.com

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