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Complaints Procedure

M.E.L.B.A. Advocatuur is the Amsterdam law office of Mauritius B.M. Wijffels. M.E.L.B.A. Advocatuur will do everything in its power to provide you with the best possible service. In the event you are nevertheless dissatisfied with certain aspects of our service provision and mutual consultation does not bring you a satisfactory result either, you may file an official complaint with M.E.L.B.A. Advocatuur. Please send your letter to “The complaints officer at M.E.L.B.A. Advocatuur”.

Article 1. Definitions
For the purpose of this complaints procedure, the following definitions apply:

  • Complaint: Every written expression of dissatisfaction of or on behalf of the client against the alawyer who provided the services in question and to (the) individual(s) for whose work this lawyer is responsible. A complaint may pertain to the effectuation and performance of the agreement entered into, the quality of the services or the invoiced amount, not being a complaint as mentioned in paragraph 4 of the Lawyers Act (Advocatenwet);

  • Complainant: the client or their representative who express dissatisfaction;

  • Complaints officer: the lawyer responsible for the handling of complaints.

Article 2. Complaints procedure

  • The complaint must be filed within three months following the moment the act(s) or omission(s) giving rise to your complaints came to your attention or could reasonably have come to your attention. A complaint can be filed in writing either sent to the office address of M.E.L.B.A. Advocatuur or via mauritius@melba-legal.com.

  • If a complainant approaches the office with a complaint, the complaint will be forwarded to Mr. Mauritius B.M. Wijffels, who acts as complaints officer.

  • Mr. Wijffels will allow you as complainant to provide a statement regarding the complaint and jointly with yourself, Mr. Wijffels will endeavour to find a solution.

  • Within one month following the receipt of your complaint,

  • Mr. Wijffels will settle the complaint or will inform you about the term in which he will provide you with an evaluation of the validity of your complain, stating the reasons for such prolonged term. Mr. Wijffels will inform inform you in writing of the assessment of the validity of the complaint, whether or not accompanied by recommendations.

  • When the complaint is settled to your satisfaction, both you as complainant and Mr. Wijffels will sign the assessment of the validity of the complaint.

Article 3. Various

  • As a complainant you will not owe any fees in connection with the handling your complaint.

  • If you feel the complaints procedure has not led to a satisfactory result, you may file a complaint with the competent judge of the Amsterdam District Court. In addition, you may file a complaint with the Dean of the Amsterdam Bar Association.

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